je98xlBoasting of an incredibly powerful 800 Watt motor, the Breville JE98XL will extract juice out of hard vegetables such as carrots and soft fruits like berries at an unbelievable speed. In fact, this juicer is capable of creating an 8oz. Cup of juice within 5 seconds only. Built using the traditional high quality benchmarks that Breville are known for, this is an ideal unit to go for if you’re a busy individual.

It is just the right machine for people who want to get a fresh glass of juice when on the go using the least amount of time possible. The machine comes with an assortment of features and specifications to give you a juicing experience with a difference.

Product Features and Benefits

The features that grace this machine not only place it is as one of the best centrifugal juicers you can lay your hands on at the moment, but also takes the unit’s functionality to a whole new level. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy upon purchasing this juicer include:


A Powerful Performance – The Breville JE98XL has been mounted with an 850 watts motor giving it a performance that would easily compete with commercial juicers like those used in restaurants. This machine has a dual speed operation pegged at 6.500 RPM and 12,000 RPM that you can use to juice soft and hard ingredients respectively.

Extra Wide Feeder Chute – With a chute measuring 3 inches, you don’t have to slice your ingredients when juicing them with the JE98XL. The generously wide chute not only saves time but also eliminates the struggle that comes with chopping hard fruits. The pulp capacity is also large with a handle to enable you juice your ingredients without having to empty it which by extension increases the machine’s efficiency and convenience.

Great Safety Features – Breville has fitted this appliance with a safety locking arm which ensures that it cannot operate unless you lock the cover in place. In addition, this machine has an overload protection system that halts its operation automatically when overheating or overloading occurs. Also, the LED display lets you know when the juicer is weighed down with ingredients to ensure the juicing process runs smoothly.

All the plastic materials in this unit are BPA free to ensure the ingredients remain safe for human consumption.

Nutri Disc with Stainless Steel Blades – Not many centrifugal juicers can withstand a lot of juicing without the need to sharpen the cutting edges. However, the Breville JE98XL has a Nutri Disc that has sturdy stainless steel blades which can last for long without sharpening and still deliver fast results. The filter basket is made of stainless steel as well to spin out the pulp efficiently.

This appliance also features a patented central feed system for utmost extraction and removing the pulp with paramount competence.

Heavy Duty Polymer Design – The design taken by this juicer can withstand long periods of vibration without causing damage to the central unit. The noise level is surprisingly low despite the Breville JE98XL relatively large size. The design also gives room for you to wrap the cord under the unit’s feet in a bid to reduce the countertop footprint.

Easy Clean Up – This machine is easily detachable to make clean fast and easy. The package comes with a cleaning brush as well. As a matter of fact, you can dismantle all the parts apart from the Nutri Disc, food pusher and the filter basket when cleaning.

Froth Separator – Unlike most centrifugal juicers, this machine comes with a one liter jug that has a froth separator to ensure you get the maximum amount of juice. The froth separator also helps maintain most essential nutrients and vitamins in the juice.


When juicing fruits with large seeds, remember to remove the seeds to help you create smooth juice.

Customer Reviews

With over 2000 reviews on Amazon, the Breville Juicer JE98XL has claimed its position as one of the most sought after centrifugal juicers in the market. Over 1,500 users found this juicer to have an outstanding performance and convenience as well as efficiency and went have ahead to give it a 5 star rating. The overall rating of this machine was at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars at the time of this review.

Breville JE98XL ReviewPros

Based on the most useful customer reviews, here are some of the advantages you will enjoy when you buy this centrifugal juicer over other juicers.

· Maximum amount of juice with very dry pulp

· Retains all the indispensable nutrients and vitamins from ingredients while retaining the original taste of the juice

· Great performance even when used on a daily basis

· Incredible juicing speed which is ideal for busy individuals

· Easy to assemble and disassemble

· Easy to clean

· Safety features that minimize the chances of injuries when juicing

· Minimal movements when the motor is whirling


A handful of customers noted that the JE98XL is not very good at juicing leafy greens. However, this can be sorted by juicing the leafy greens in large quantities or rolling them up to mimic a ball.


Let the relatively cheap price that this juicer goes for leave no doubts on your mind on what it can do. This centrifugal juicer is the unit to go for if you want to experience fast juicing. It comes with a myriad of features that ensures you get the healthiest juice with your ingredients. The direct central feed system and the froth separator guarantee you with the smoothest juice with all nutrients you would ever want in a glass of juice still intact. The 1 year warranty attached to this machine goes to show that this unit is durable and would give value for money.

Where to Buy


The Breville JE98XL juicer sells on Amazon at a discount of more than $80 on the list price and has free shipping to go with it. In fact, it is only on Amazon where you will buy this appliance at a discounted price from time to time.

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