twingearjuicerAlso known as a triturating juicer, a twin gear juicer is more or less a type of masticating juicer that uses the dual gear mechanism. However, unlike a masticating juicer, it extracts more juice from ingredients and is much easier to use. In other words, triturating juicers will give you the utmost yield you can get from home juicers with the driest pulp.

The Twin Gear Mechanism

Just like the name suggests, twin gear juicers come with two interlocking augers. The juicing ingredients are interlocked between the gears before being crushed gently. It is the slow juicing process that makes these juicers excellent at separating the pulp and the juice, thus resulting into an extremely nutritious beverage.

Why Use Twin Gear Juicers?

Perhaps, the immediate question that comes into mind is why you would prefer using triturating juicers over any other types of juicers. Here are the reasons why:

They Can Juice Almost Everything –The kind of fruits and vegetables you can juice with twin gear juicers is unlimited. The rolling gears can crush practically any ingredient from carrots to turnips and apples. They can handle soft fruits and dark green vegetables with relative ease as well. As if that’s not enough, you can even juice wheatgrass, parsleys and cilantro with these machines.

They Give You More Juice – A twin gear juicer may work the same way as a single auger masticating juicer, but it extracts more juice. This is the type of juicer to go for if you have an average family with a high demand for juice.

They Do More than Juicing – Besides creating juices, triturating juicers can also be used to create nut butter pasta, fruit sauces and sherbets, as well as baby food. They also come with add-ons that allow you to grind grains to make rich cakes and bread sticks.

They Prevent Oxidization – With most juicers, you either drink the juice as soon as you make it or within a span of 12 hours. In addition, you have to store it in a tight lid container and inside the refrigerator. However, a twin gear juicer prevents the occurrence of oxidation, which by extension means that you not only get more nutrients from the juice, but can also store it for longer.

twingearAre There Any Downsides to the Twin Gear Juicers?

While triturating juicers come across as flawless, they are not without their downsides some of which include:

Price – Twin gear juicers come with an enormous price tag. However, when you put what they have to offer for consideration, the high price may not be a downside as such.

The Inability to Juice Extremely Soft Fruits – Triturating juicers may juice everything, but you need to take extra caution when juicing soft fruits such as citrus since the gears may not hold them correctly.

When is the Best Time to Buy Twin Gear Juicers?

The best time to purchase a triturating juicer is when your juicing needs increase or when you need to juice more. You may also buy the juicer when you want a flexible unit that can accomplish a variety of tasks. All in all, a twin gear juicer would make an excellent addition to your kitchen and having it would only be advantageous.


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