BJS600XLFrom the company that brought you the 800JEXL juicer comes yet another ground breaking product, the Breville BJS600XL. Also known as the fountain crush, this unit is designed to create a beverage that’s not only smooth, but pulpy as well.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, the appliance squeezes juice from fruits or vegetables, a factor that makes it able to give you more nutrients in the final product. In other words, this is the juicer to go if you want to consistently get a tastier, smoother, healthier and more nutritious juice for a mid sized family.

Product Features and Benefits

Judging from its features, and what it has to offer, there is no doubt that this is a well-assembled unit. Some of the features and benefits you will derive from using the BJS600XL include:


Compact Size – Sometimes the size of your kitchen’s counter-top may not allow you to have as many appliances as you would love to. However, this juicer’s footprint has a dimension of 8.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches making is relatively small to fit on any counter-top without taking too much space.


Slow Juicing for Maximum Health Benefits – Make no mistake! The fact that this unit is called a slow juicer does not mean that it takes longer to extract the juice. It only means that the Breville BJS600XL slowly crushes ingredients to give you juice that’s chock full of nutrients. As a matter of fact, it is the slow juicing process that makes this appliance able to produce juice that has parched pulp.

High Versatility – Just like most masticating juicers, this unit can juice a variety of ingredients. It is best at juicing softer fruits such as berries and wheat-grass and does extremely well in juicing harder fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. This means that you can juice almost any ingredient that can fit the juicer’s feeding chute.BJS600XL Review

Overload Protection – To make sure that your juice doesn’t lose a lot of nutrients due to overheating of elements, the BS600XL comes with an overload protection. The juicer automatically shuts off its motor gets too warm or when excessive overload is detected.

Brush-less Power Motor – This appliance may be small in size, but is mounted with a 240 Watts motor making it very powerful. In addition, the motor runs very quietly, you’ll hardly notice if it is running. This fact makes the machine ideal when you need to make a glass of juice without disturbing the whole family with obnoxious noise associated with centrifugal juicers.

Direction Control – This juice extractor comes with forward and reverse screws. If the ingredients get stuck, all you have to do is to reverse the screw to unjam it. Once the unit is unjammed, you can then switch back the screw to forward to continue with the juicing process.

Two Step Safety Start – You have to assemble the machine in the correct manner for it is to start. The two-step safety start is a safety feature that is meant to ensure there are no accidents emanating from short circuiting. Also, when changing direction, you have to toggle the screws so that that the motor comes to a complete halt.

Easy to Clean – The Breville BJS600XL boast of an auto cleaning system that makes cleaning a lot easier. Simply pour just about two cups of water into the feeding chute while juicer is still running to flush it out. The filler basket and the auto purifying features are also meant to make cleaning easy and maximum yielding between the juicing. Ensure that you have a placed a receptacle beneath the juicer where the running water can drain into.


Make sure that all fibrous ingredients like beets and celery are chopped into small pieces before juicing. This will help minimize the chances of clogging the pulp dispenser.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon alone, this juicer has attracted more than 300 customer juicer reviews. By the time of this review, 185 of these customers gave the unit a full 5-star rating. Given that more than half of the people who have bought this product are pleased with its features and specifications, it goes without saying that the product is of high quality. The juicer has an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of a 5 stars which is quite remarkable.

BJS600XL Juicer ReviewPros

· Convenient – The easy to handle grip ensure that you can move the juicer with relative ease

· Fresher Tasting Juice – Unlike most juicers, there is no separation of juice with the BJS600XL, which in turn ensures that you have better tasting and higher quality juice.

· Quality Design – The small vertical design that this appliance takes is not only well thought out but complements your kitchen door as well. In addition, it conserves your kitchen’s counter top.

· Easy to assemble and disassemble parts. All you have to do is follow the user’s manual, and you will be using the juicer within no time

· 10-year warranty which is meant to cement the position that this juicer is made to last. There’s also a one-year limited warranty that is attached to the unit.


The only con that was consistent with most customers who reviewed this juicer was its price. However, when you put into consideration the myriad of features and benefits that this appliance has, it may not be as pricey. Moreover, you can always get it at a discounted price if you bought in from Amazon where it sells at an amazing discount.


The BS600XL is a masticating juicer that is in a class of its own. It is made using the same quality that is synonymous with all Breville kitchen appliances. The high-quality stainless steel and rubber used to make it guarantees that the machine lasts for long too. The warranty gives assurance that it can withstand daily use with little damage thereby offering value for money. In short, this juice extractor is the perfect unit to go for if you want to get the most out of the juicing ingredients.

Where to Buy


The Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer can be found on a number of online stores. However, it’s only on Amazon where the unit sells at a discount price. In fact, by the time of this review, it had a 59% discount on its listed price. That’s almost half price!


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