cuisinartcjejuicerThe Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer epitomizes nothing but power and ease of use to ensure that you will never go without a glass of fresh juice in your refrigerator due to it juicing capabilities. Highly affordable, the makers of this machine had the juicing of needs of a medium sized family in mind if its features are anything to go by.

With a host of features and specifications from a powerful 1000 watt motor to the foam reducing filter basket and stainless steel housing, just to name but a few, the CJE-1000 will certainly give you an exceptional juicing experience. Here is an all-inclusive review of the juicer and what to expect if you buy it.

Product Features and Benefits

Five Speed Setting – The CJE – 1000 juicer chief claim to popularity is its five-speed setting that allows you to juice an assortment of ingredients. The speed setting allow you to use slower speeds for soft fruits and vegetables such as spinach and kale or higher speeds for hard ingredients such as apples, beets, and carrots.


3 Inch Feeding Chute – This extra wide feeding chute saves you preparation time by accommodating whole fruits and vegetables. It saves you cleaning time as well particularly when you consider that you don’t have to switch off the machine when changing ingredients. All you have to do is just drop one ingredient after the other into the chute as you juice. Be sure to interchange soft and hard ingredients to avoid accumulation of pulp material.

Durable Cutting Blades – One of the most common downsides with many juicers is the unreliability of cutting blades. However, the Cuisinart CJE-1000 is fitted with long lasting, dependable blades that grind ingredients thoroughly while guaranteeing maximum retention of micro nutrients.

Powerful Motor – The 1000 Watt motor that this extractor runs on offers high performance and consistency. The motor ensures that the ingredients go through the blades smoothly while shielding them against overheating.

Cuisinart Patented Technologies – This juicer operates using Cuisinart patented technologies, the fact that makes it fast compared to other juicers in its class. These techniques include the anti-drip adjustable flow spout, unlock and lifting mechanism in addition to the foam reducing disk filter. The disk filter helps preserve nutrients in the juice by reducing froth, oxidation, and spoilage while the unlock and lifting system increases the unit’s functionality.

Stainless Steel Disc Housing – To take durability a step further, the CJE-1000 is housed in a stainless steel casting. The cast gives it a unique, elegant appearance that would make an incredible addition to your kitchen’s counter top.

A host of Accessories – This unit’s package includes a number of accessories, all designed to enhance its usability. The add-ons include a 2 liter pulp container that makes ejection of pulp a lot easier, a 1-quart juice pitcher for juice collection and a cleaning brush. The pulp container facilitates uninterrupted juicing sessions while the BPA juice pitcher can collect enough juice for large families or gatherings.

Ease of Assembly – With a mere seven pieces to assemble, you can start juicing in less than five minutes with this unit. Also, detaching the machine becomes easy particularly when you want to clean it after juicing. It is imperative to mention that all part are dishwasher safe thus eliminating the need for hand washing.

Customer Reviews

By the time of writing this review, the Cuisinart juicer has an impressive 579 customer reviews on Amazon alone. While the customer’s juicers  reviews and thoughts on the juicer’s performance were divergent, majority of the reviews were positive. Take Murphy’s review for instance “the juicer’s motor is incredibly powerful when pitted against most juicers, its casting is made of steel hence offering durability, it comes with 5 speed setting and is relatively quiet” he says. Murphy goes ahead to give the machine a 5 stars rating as is the case with other 330 customers. The unit’s overall score on Amazon stands a remarkable 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Cuisinart juicerPros

Judging by what previous users had to say about this juicer, here are some of its pros:

· Pocket-friendly price, particularly when you consider the features and specifications mounted on the machine

· Dishwasher safe parts thus ease of cleaning

· High juice yield with very little pulp material

· Powerful motor that translates into an exceptional performance

· Easy to assemble and disassemble coupled with ease of operation

· Versatility; the unit can juice a number of ingredients

· Three year limited warranty


As stated earlier on, most customers regarded the Cuisinart 1000 highly but a handful thought that using the juicer may leave your counter top a little bit messy due to the juice splashing. While this may a genuine complaint, it is not such big a deal since all you have to do is wipe the counter top with a wet cloth before the splashing dries out. In addition, ensure that you place one ingredient at a time into the feeding chute to reduce the intensity of the splashing on the counter top.


The CJE-1000 juicer is without a unique machine in its class. One of the most affordable juicers on the market at the moment, this is the unit to go for if you are in the quest for an affordable product that will give large volumes of juice without much hassles. Besides, it could as well be the machine to go for if you are not a seasoned juicer due to its ease of use. The positive reviews coupled with a relatively long warranty period should give you more reasons as to why you should make this product part of your kitchen appliance.

Where to Buy


There are a number of places that you can buy the Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer from. However, if you want to buy it at a cheap price, that has been one of the unit’s strongest selling points, the best place to buy it would be on Amazon. By the time of writing this review, this juicer had more than $150 slashed off its list price or an equivalent of 59% and had free shipping to go with it. However, the price and discount are subject to change and may shift from time to time.


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