Breville 800JEXL4Hi! My name is John and like most people who get into juicing I was determined to live a healthier and better life. I was first introduced to the lifestyle by a very close friend. He has been on a green juice diet just a bit over 6 months. He has dropped nearly 40 pounds, his skin was glowing and he was constantly telling me how he never felt this good even in his 20’s.

He let me try some of the green juices he was making, and they were surprisingly really good tasting. That’s the kind of diet I would have no problem maintaining, I told myself. The very next day I went out to purchase a juicer of my very own. When I saw all the different varieties, styles and brands of juicers my head nearly began to spin. The price ranges were absolutely incredible. There were $50 juicers, and $400 juicers in front of me, which one was best one for me? Masticating juicer? Centrifugal Juicer?

I went home without making a purchase, and went straight to my computer. I was looking for a source to tell me a good all around information about the juicers I saw that day. I was unable to find anything that wasn’t just pure generic information.

A year later into my juicing adventure, after trying out 6 different juicers I feel confident to help people that are currently faced with similar situation I was. And the site has been born. I’m glad to see you here, read our juicer reviews and get yourself familiar with all the top juicers available on the market for you.


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