tomato juiceTomato, which is a fruit, is classified as a superfood due to its high content of vitamins including vitamin A and K as well as the B vitamins namely B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. The fruit also contains minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous and iron. Below are the health derived from drinking tomato juice.

1. Strengthening the Immune Stem

Vitamins A and C that are plenty in tomato juice are known to boost the immune system and prevent vision related ailments. These two vitamins are also excellent in keeping your bones and teeth in a healthy state.

2. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Drinking tomato juice can go a long way preventing and reducing high levels of cholesterol. The juice is rich in fiber that further helps in the breakdown of bad cholesterol in your body. The presence of vitamin B3 also makes the juice superb at stabilizing cholesterol.

3. Helps in Weight Loss

Tomato juice helps keep the body in a hydrated state. It is low in sodium and has a high fiber content that ensures the body is not weak or hungry. It supplies the body with enough nutrients and calories to ensure the body’s metabolic system is uninterrupted.

4. Helps Regularize Bowel Movements

Tomato juice helps counter irregular bowel movements that are common in old people. The fiber content in the juice helps keep the liver healthy. It also helps in digestion, prevents constipation and in the process aids the movement of bowels.

5. Cardio Vascular Health

Tomato juice is chock full of vitamin B6 that is associated with helping the body convert a compound referred to as homocysteine into harmless compounds. Homocysteine is a compound that harms blood vessels in addition to causing a number of heart diseases.

6.Removing Toxins from the Body

Drinking tomato juice aids in detoxification due to the presence of sulfur and chlorine in the juice. In addition, natural chlorine aids in functionality of the liver and kidney while sulfur shields the two organs from infection.

7. Prevention of Cancer

The red pigment in tomato contains a soluble antioxidant called lycopene. Studies show that the lycopene is effective in the prevention of a number of cancers including prostate, pancreatic, colon, lung, and breast cancer. The juice can also help prevent the coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis as well.

8. Skin Health

Drinking tomato juice is beneficial to your skin too. It gets rid of tanning, prevents skin discoloration, prevents acne, opens clogged pores and stabilizes the production of sebum in oily skin. It also keeps the skin supple and hydrated.

9.Healthy Hair

The vitamins contained in tomato juice help bring shine to damaged and dull hair. It helps in getting rid of an itchy scalp and dandruff. Apply fresh juice on the scalp, let it sit for about 4 or 5 minutes and rinse the head with cold water. When used correctly, the juice can serve as a hair conditioner.

To add taste and increase vitamin content in tomato juice, you may consider juicing it with other fruits and vegetables such as beetroot, carrot, lemon, and celery. The juice can be taken in plenty as it has no side effects.


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