watermelonsBesides its sweet taste, watermelon is loaded with an assortment of minerals, fiber and vitamins that are very helpful to the body. Drinking its juice, particularly in its fresh form can have significant health benefits too. Some of these benefits that can be fully enjoyed if you used a centrifugal juicer to extract to the juice out of this wonder fruit include:

1. Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Lycopene, the red pigment found in watermelon is a potent antioxidant that has been linked with guarding the cardiovascular system against damage brought about by free radicals. According to research, people who drink watermelon juice on a daily or regular basis have a reduced risk of suffering from cardiac attack by 50%.

2. Improving the Skin’s Appearance

Apart from reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Lycopene also protects the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. UV rays not only cause wrinkles and photo aging but also increases the chances of suffering from skin cancer. Drinking a glass of watermelon juicing before exposing your body to the sun could offer a little antioxidant that would safeguard your skin from the UV rays.

3. Enhancing Blood Flow

Watermelon juice is rich in an amino acid known as citrulline. The body converts citrulline into arginine, another essential amino acid associated with enhancing blood flow and soothing blood vessels. This in turn gives your body more energy in addition to reducing muscle soreness after exercise. Some studies suggest that watermelon juice can also help improve sexual health.

4. Helping Fight Inflammation

According to research, drinking a glass of watermelon juice before embarking on heavy exercises can have an anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The juice is chock-full of flavonoids, triterpenoids and carotenoids as well as beta-carotene all which combine to fight inflammation.

5. Helping in Weight Loss

The high amount of amino acids present in watermelon juice is known to inhibit the multiplication of fat in fats cells. This is made possible by the fact that acids are converted into arginine that blocks the effects of an enzyme referred to as TNAP associated with storage of fat. Drinking this juice before a meal helps in hydration, an important factor when losing weight.

6. Improved Kidney Health

Watermelon juice has a cleansing effect on the kidneys. It helps get rid of ammonia and uric acid, has even be associated with easing the effects of kidney stones. The seeds of this wonder fruit are also known to have profound effects on the kidneys as well, so it is important that you juice the fruit with its seeds.

How do You Make Watermelon Juice?

Using a centrifugal juicer such as the Breville JE98XL is not only the best way to get the most nutrients and enzymes out of the watermelon fruit but also the fastest. This juicer can create an 8oz. Cup in 5 seconds while preserving all the nutrients and the original taste. It is inventively designed to give you juice that has very dry pulp as well. Other fruits such as banana, strawberry, orange and pear, as well as apple, can be juiced together with watermelon to enhance the taste.


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